OTTAWA – Canadians struggling with precarious employment, rising costs, and record household debt got little in the Liberal budget to make Canada’s economy work for them, while the wealthy and well-connected were well rewarded.

By failing to follow through on their campaign promise to close the CEO stock option loophole, the Liberals have proposed a budget that hands over $800 million to the wealthiest CEOs every year. At the same time there was no mention of help for the 20,000 plus Stelco workers and pensioners affected by the CCAA proceedings and no plan to fix the flawed CPP enhancement which has left out protections for women and persons living with disabilities.

“Budgets are about choices and unfortunately Liberals have chosen tax breaks for wealthy CEOs and giveaways to large corporations over helping seniors, workers, and those who need the help most”, said NDP MP Scott Duvall (Hamilton Mountain).

Budget 2017 also pushes forward the Liberal’s plans to privatize public infrastructure that will leave Canadians paying higher prices for generations through new and increased user fees and tolls while private investors get rich. At the same time, this budget rolls back the public-transit tax credit which came as a surprise to many avid transit users across Canada. 

“This budget doesn’t fix the problem of part-time, low-paid precarious work and now those struggling in this economy are being told to expect higher transit fares”, said NDP MP David Christopherson (Hamilton Centre). “The surprise cut of the public-transit tax credit will hurt commuters, undermine ridership and move the public transit narrative in the wrong direction.”

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