March 3, 2017

HAMILTON – Recent apologies by Hamilton East—Stoney Creek MP Bob Bratina to a group of pensioners and workers protesting outside his office was met with surprise and disappointment by Hamilton Mountain MP Scott Duvall. 
“The utter lack of leadership and action shown by these local Liberals in defending the wellbeing of over 20,000 local pensioners and workers is beyond disappointing”, Duvall said. “Sorry is just not good enough.” 
Following a peaceful protest at his office Thursday, Bratina apologized to the frustrated Hamilton Steelworkers and pensioners for his inability to make change in Ottawa and help the workers and former workers of US Steel Canada, which is currently under the protection of the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA). Bratina’s explanations rang hollow to the pensioners who have seen their health benefits cut off and worry their pensions may be threatened too. 

“The federal government needs to stop hiding behind the CCAA process, get to the table and help the workers and pensioners being threatened,” Duvall concluded. “I would think that members of the governing party would be doing more to secure federal assistance for local workers and pensioners, unfortunately that’s just not happening.”

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Scott Duvall: 905-574-3331 or Scott.Duvall@parl.gc.ca